Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What are We

Here's the deal.

Jake and I have a lot of things in common:

1. We both have Jew blood.
2. We are both writers.
3. We have a very similar sense of humor.
4. We both have existential crises in the room.
5. Both our fathers were in the music biz.
6. We both play alto saxophone
7. We were both in marching band.
8. We both wear glasses at least some of the time.
9. We both like to read.
10. We are both from New York (845!)

Also we do a lot of things together:

1. We shower at the same time
2. We urinate at the same time
3. We have matching sweaters from the Banana Republic
4. We have matching Santa Hats
5. We write articles together under a very Jewy pseudonym
6. Pillow talk every night
7. Listen to MGMT on vinyl
8. We live in the same room.
9. I guess we wear face masks together
10. We watch the West Wing together.

So what are we? I dunno. Sumthing special. In conclusion, this is Jakemyroommate.

1 comment:

  1. You guys are too much.
    The good kind of much.