Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Oh I wish I could hang out on a boardwalk with frosted tips.

Anyway, off to work!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I just thought of an idea. I'm going to make my own magazine called Jormo where I give out advice to people about sex, love, fashion, and dating.

Here's a preview of my first issue:

Cover photo-- beautiful woman smiling and looking confident

Cover story-- 15,000 sex secrets (we'll give you a hint: they all involve ice)

Q&A-- Q: Hey Jormo, I can't get my bf to love me he just plays video games all the time. Help? A: You should turn into a video game!

Sex Tip -- Pleasure zones!

Poll-- What's your favorite thing to do? A) Hair B) Jazzercise C) Study D) Charity

Time for Fashion-- Dresses are in this year! So are shoes!

Talk about the weather

Here are things you can say if you want to talk about how hot it is:

1. Hot enough for you?
2. Another scorcher!
3. It's killer out there, huh?
4. So sticky out there! So humid!
5. Oof!
6. Gosh I'm sweating!
7. It's hot!
8. Dying!
9. I wish it were snowing instead of being hot!
10. I could just perish!
11. Can you believe how hot it is?
12. I'm sweating balls!
13. You could fry an egg out there!
14. Put me out of my misery!

Today I googled "girls wearing north face" and this is what came up.