Friday, February 25, 2011

Me and my iPhone-- A story of love, life, and iPhone

The iPhone-- more than just a gadget. A helper, a friend, and a way of life. For people who love their phones as more than just a phone this book is just for you: Me and my iPhone-- A story of love, life, and iPhone.

Ever think of all the great times you've had with your Apple iPhone? That time you used it to take a picture with your friends that you would later blog or post to your Facebook? That time you got lost on the way to MoMa, but your iPhone helped you get there? All the million times you used screen reflection to check for junk in your teeth? That time where you bonded with a cute classmate over how much you love your matching iPhones? This book has moments like that...AND MORE!

This is a collection of stories about the gadget that's always there -- from the second you wake up in the morning, to the time you go to bed. They are heartwarming, full of fun, family, and iPhone. What more could you want in a book? Perhaps if it came with an iPhone? Maybe for the second edition.

Get your copy of Me and My iPhone today!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to talk about Egypt without knowing a damn thing

I've been interviewing and talking to people and sitting in undergrad classes all over the city lately and I've discovered an annoying trend: People are running their mouths about the situation in Egypt 24/7, but the fact is, they have basically no idea what they're talking about. In fact, I've found that most opinionated people talking about Egypt didn't know the first thing about the situation there until about 2 weeks ago.

Full disclosure: I didn't know anything about Egypt before the revolution, and I still don't know anything. But I'm not making any bold proclamations! And I'm certainly not doing it in class!

So if you want to sound concerned about Egypt, here's a product for you-- the "How to talk about Egypt without knowing a damn thing" Mad Lib!

Well, I think, personally, that the situation over there is really (NEGATIVE ADJECTIVE) and I really just think it's great that the people are doing what they're doing. But I don't really know, because like, it's so (NEGATIVE ADJECTIVE) it's hard to know what's the best thing to do.

Like, obviously, anything is better than (AUTOCRAT STARTING WITH LETTER M), considering all the (BAD STUFF) he did but who knows , I mean sometimes, as the saying goes, (IDIOM TO THE EFFECT OF THE DEMON YOU KNOW IS BETTER THAN THE DEMON YOU DON'T KNOW). And who knows what could happen, you know, like, once this happens, like will (DOOMSDAY SCENARIO) take hold, causing (DOOMSDAY SCENARIO) and even (DOOMSDAY SCENARIO)? Like, that could totally be the case.

But really I think the US is not innocent here because we backed (AUTOCRAT STARTING WITH LETTER M) even that we knew he was a (ADJECTIVE), (ADJECTIVE), (ADJECTIVE) autocrat. And I just read this article in (PUBLICATION FOR WHITE PEOPLE) and it was talking about how like (CONTENT OF ARTICLE) and that really makes sense to me, probably because I didn't know anything about this until my friend told me about in on gchat.

So I think it will be interesting to see what happens.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Okay call me ignorant but I hate reading shit from like 400 years ago! It makes no sense! Listen, OK, this is from Hobbes:

He does not therein deny that there be covenants; and that they are sometimes broken, sometimes kept; and that such breach of them may be called injustice, and the observance of them justice: but he questioneth whether injustice, taking away the fear of God (for the same fool hath said in his heart there is no God), not sometimes stand with that reason which dictateth to every man his own good; and particularly then, when it conduceth to such a benefit as shall put a man in a condition to neglect not only the dispraise and revilings, but also the power of other men.
Maybe I shouldn't be trying to read this like an hour before class (and I definitely shouldn't be blogging about it an hour before class), but I simply don't understand why everyone back in the day had to write sentences like these! Have they no consideration for the 21st century assholes trying to read this shit on their Macbooks?