Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Hallie and Jordan Masterworks

Act III: Smash Mouth. Smash your mouth. All that rhythm is gone.

Dust bust the sofa of my love
Unclog the drain of my hate
Mop up the floor of my yearning.
Pay Maria and the girls before they leave.
Doctor? Does everything look allright?
I’ve been feeling a little throbbing
A little throbbing in my
The left side of my—
Art. Her. Arthur.
She and Arthur ran away to=2 0Europe
And I always wondered
How could she forget her reading glasses?
Poor. Poor me. Poor poor me, poor—
Tu tienes mi corason
Mi cora—
Stage right
My broken heart
Stage left
Your broken eyes
Left unhealed
You really should have remembered your—
Turn to page three hundred ninety
Three hundred nothing
Three hundred—
I love you like the rain loves the umbrella
Like the stove loves the pie
Like the lipliner loves the lips
Like the chair loves the bottom
Like the bullet loves the flesh
Like the zombies love your flesh
Why couldn’t it have been me
Why couldn’t it have been—
Brains! Brains! Brains!
Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!
I’ve gotta pass this test
Two times two is four
Nine plus nine is eighteen
But I could be wrong
You plus me minus me plus Arthur
Equals my pain
Equals my shame
Equals my—
I know my calculus
And this is one equation I’ll never solve
But I know one is the lonliest number
The lonliest—
Loneliness is a sad flower
Blooming in a pot on your windowsill
watching you eat cocoa crispies
The cocoa crispies of your dishonesty
The fruit loops of your sin
The sugar smacks of your lies
The captain crunch of your—
All aboard
This ship’s about to sail
This love’s about to sink
The sink’s about to clog
Would somebody call Maria?
Would somebody fix this?
Fix me
Fix me.
Fix me.


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