Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in.


  1. So I just looked at all of your blog updates since forever.
    And I loved them all.
    But I'm too lazy to comment on ALL of them, so I'll just leave comments here.
    First, I like this pic.
    Second, I love your fresh prince shoot.
    Love the Olympian (I showed you that. yay!)
    Fuckin' Sensitive was... Fuckin' Sensitive. and good.
    The Masterworks are always good.
    Buttmunch was hilarious... especially with the razor scooter reference.
    Hallie seems cool. And I actually like the name "Partners in Rhyme."
    I liked the Jake fun facts, too. I think earplugs are cool. Especially when they're neon green or some crazy shit like that.
    And last, I loved the corneal transplant writing thing. The guy made me feel really bad that I didn't appreciate stuff more.

    That was one big ol' comment of happiness.
    O well.