Monday, February 9, 2009

Jake Sorgz My Roomate

Things Jake has said, or says a lot, are:

1. "What the ass!"
2. "Don't worry about it." (in reference to anything I want to know)
3. "Imma fill you in" (followed by giggle)
4. "RAM JAM!!!"
6. "EASY!"
8. "Let's call a spade a spade."

Some fun facts about Jake my roommate:

1. Jake uses the elliptical machine.
2. Jake is a Jew.
3. Jake is Jewish.
4. Jake has a record player (but he is NOT a hipster)
5. Jake wears earplugs because he thinks they look cool
6. Jake engages in pillow talk with me every night.
7. Jake makes coffee every morning.
8. Jake is very sophisticated
9. Jake is very mysterious
10. Jake throws shoes at me.
11. Jake reads books and shit
12. Jake likes to go to the bathroom at the same time as me
13. Jake is strongly opposed to anyone talking into or from the stalls in the bathroom.
14. Jake is pretty tidy.
15. Jake relates to the character Josh from the West Wing
16. Jake has a cool hat. It is called a fedora, according to Jake.
17. Jake is a very good person; he volunteers and shit
18. Jake has shot glasses that have famous writers on them
19. Jake likes to emphasize the h before the w. (e.g. "The Two HWAT?!")
20. Jake is maybe a socialist

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