Thursday, February 26, 2009

I was going to make this more of a big deal, but I want to just get it over with because I have all these other things to post.

So anyway, as you may have determined from the picture above, this is the 100th post on BFFL, making it my most successful blog ever! I started blogging in ninth grade when I got my first livejournal. A couple of livejournals, and a couple Bloggers later BFFL was born, and boy am I happy about it!

As a special little thingy, here's testimony from a loyal BFFL, Hallie, who has some things to say about BFFL and various other topics:

Dear Best Friend For Lifelong,

Where to begin.



P.S. This blog has provided me with countless lols. It also inspired me to write things with Jordan for our poetry band Partners in Rhyme. Yes, the Partners in Rhyme. The one that you know and love.
Before I knew about this blog I only had a couple of websites that I frequented frequently—Facebook, and my e-mail. Now, I have three (plus a couple more).
Let me tell you about how I helped Jordan think of BestFriendForLifelong. I don’t remember what happened. But I remember we were in the common room (before it smelled like hot pockets). That’s all I remember.
Shortly after, Partners in Rhyme, mentioned above, came to be. This was a glorious day, a day that will go down in history some day, maybe a long time from now but someday…
In conclusion, that’s all.

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