Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will you please join my movement

Americans Against Fires

Dear concerned citizens,

I'm here today to announce the beginning of a new movement, a movement I'm sure we can all get behind. It's called Americans Against Fire. At AAF, we are strongly opposed to fire and its destructive effects on everything.
As we all know by now, fire is one of the greatest dangers of our society today. Fire is clearly a menace that must be stopped.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, we have had fire. The golden age of fire was when it was first invented. Since then, however, fire has been a great evil in society. It has destroyed countless cats. Sometimes people who are effected by fires do not have time to save their valuables. Countless valuables have been destroyed in these terrible conflagrations.

That is why we must stand as a coalition against fires. At AAF, we have made a firm commitment: whenever there is a fire, we will be there to protest it. We will bring our picket signs, and our slogans, and we will protest! We won't stop until every fire in America is put out by either firefighters or rain.

Today we ask you to stand with us in what may be the greatest fight of our generation. Only together can we fight the fires that plague this great nation. One day, we will see a fire-free nation, a nation where everyone is happy and does not live in fear of being burned by a fire. Join us!


Founder of AAF
Chairman of AAF
Secretary of AAF

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  1. Any ideas to what I can do with my fireplace?