Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John's Musical Experience!

So one of my favorite things that Roommate John does is, sometimes when he listens to music he tells me the images and stories he imagines. Oftentimes what he says is absolutely the darndest.

Here are three songs that inspired Roommate John, and what he said as he was listening. I have recorded it all:

"Bercuse in D-flat major, Op. 57"- Roy Eaton

"A timid young girl stands at the doorway, staring across the dance studio. In her left hand she carries a pair of ballet shoes. A bunch of older girls are already warming up, stretching, lifting their legs up in arcs, L shapes. She slides in, cautiously, trying to avoid the eyes of the other dancers. She walks along the mirror against the bar, staring at the bar. And then, she puts her shoes down, slides her tiny toes into the leather lacing...."

The Legend of Ashikata Theme"- Joe Hisaishi

"The sun slowly rises across the hills, shedding light on a castle. Inside sits the prince of the kingdom. He is pondering over the day ahead of him, perhaps his last, thinking about his family, and more importantly his love, now riding off in the distance from the war-torn battle fields of the kingdom of Karassa. The princess is off in the distance, it is autumn. She is walking along a mountain range with the sun coming up shining up against her back, creating a silhouette of ribbons and geisha dresses. The princess is followed by a trail of the entire kingdom, from peasants to royal barons. Now the prince is walking down through the hall, men are starting to appear, all dressed up in armor. The prince goes into his quarters and opens his drawers. In front of him is steel-plated war armor with horns and spikes decorated all over it. The prince cannot help but to think of the princess. He look on his armor and tied across it is a necklace, the necklace of his love when he asked her to marry him amongst the tumbleweed and the marshses. The prince puts on his armor, his gauntlets, his war boots and puts his helmet under his right arm, straps on his sword and takes a spear, closing his eyes... The princess is far away and safe and the kingdom is safe because he has already produced an heir. But he will not survive this day. He jumps on his horse, the men are waiting for him. Then he rides off through the gates into the plains. The sky is purple with clouds in it, he looks up knowing it will be long day. Rain will come."

"The Single Petal of a Rose" by Duke Ellington

"The woods of Boston. A small wood lodge with lights dimming in and out is seen amidst tall trees. It is Novemeber. As a matter of fact it is Thanksgiving. On the table sits a giant turkey with candles lit. The sun has just gone down and dusk is settling in amongst the forest area. Two people are sitting at the table, an old man and a young boy. The old man is telling the young boy stories of pirates, astronauts, and dinosaurs. The snow starts falling outside, drifting lightly. The old man coughs, the boy looks alarmed and the old man reassures him, "Don't worry I will be all right." The old man and the boy finish dinner and they get up and go outside on the porch. Snow is falling a little harder now. The little boy is giddy with delight and pulls the old man's hand, urging him to follow him into the night. The old man gives in and the two of them walk off into the distance leaving a trail of footsteps soon to be covered by the snow....."

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