Saturday, February 27, 2010

John's Musical Visions

Abel Korenziowski- "Cold Kenya"

A drought has gone through a village in East AFrica. There are no more crops and thus there are no more people. The land is barren, except for tiny huts dotted across the landscape. A few settlers are gathering the remnants of their belongings as they prepare for a migration out of the continent.

Abel Korenziowski- "Clouds"

Little fishes swimming around the water. The expansive blue ocean comes into view. Coral reefs lined up against canyon walls with colorful fishes all about. Sunbeams are shining across from the tops of the waters. In the distance, a dark shadow approaches. It gets larger and larger. It's a whale, a beautiful humpback whale with its babies! the humpback mother is approaching the land, amused by a boat drifting across the waves.

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  1. I have finally decided: John is either a reincarnated medicine man or he's been smoking whatever is in their pipe....mlk