Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy 300th Birthday BFFL!

300 posts! So many memories with this blog....too bad I've forgotten all of them. Fortunately, I have a bunch of very good looking and intelligent readers to recall all the good times for me. So without further ado, I'll present REAL testimony from REAL people about how great my blog is. For your new year's resolution tell everyone to read my blog-- actually, just tell the people you don't like. Why impose something like that on a friend?

Hallie (via e-mail):

What is there to say about BFFL? On the one hand, nothing. On the other hand, everything.

My lifelong best friendship with BFFL began on the day that the blog was conceived, pretty much. That's right, I knew this blog when it was only a baby with all that shit on it that's on babies when they're born. Since that day, my relationship with BFFL has changed in many ways. In other ways it has remained completely the same.

I have much to owe to BFFL. For one thing, this blog has catapulted me and Jordan's poetry band Partners in Rhyme to a status of fame not unlike Lady Gaga's status of fame. I would say that overall my relationship with BFFL has been a good romance.

For another thing BFFL has provided me with countless lolz, numerous lmao's, and even the occasional roflcopter!

For another thing BFFL has allowed me to keep tabs on my facebookless bandmate. Let's be honest, the band would have pobably fallen apart long ago if not for BFFL.

So in conclustion, happy 300th birthday BFFL, and keep it real.

Ashley (after me begging for 10 minutes)

You're adorable.
Caleb (via e-mail)

BFFL is a controversial piece... So compelling. So repelling. So confrontational. So non-confrontational... So hot, and yet, so cold. Truth be told, I am an avid reader of BFFL. I am also an arid reader. I need some fluids. Happy birthday, BFFL! May the next 300 be just as juicy and hilariously sarcastic!

Blanton (in real life)

Jordan: Blanton, say something about how my blog has changed your life!
Blanton: What?
Ellen (wrote this in my notebook)

I didn't think I would like visiting Jordan's blog. And then I went and confirmed my suspicions. But then I went a third time out of utter and desperate boredom. I saw the "sleeping student" photos and realized that Jordan is actually an artistic genius and literary mastermind!"
Leigh (in real life)

It brings a new perspective to my life. It will result in multiple epiphanies, you like that? That's a buzz word, epiphany.

(via ichat)

can you do me a favor right now very quickly? here it is: write something about how my blog has changed your life
i haven't read your blog
include that in what you say
honesty is the best policy
except when you're talking about my hat
don't insult my hat!
well your blog has changed my life merely by taking up more space on the world wide web, and ultimately slowing down the speed of my internet connection
there YOU go
thanks anne
that wasn't sincere
i liked it
My mom (via ichat)

i am trying to think of what to do for the 300th post
i want people to write testimony about how my blog has changed them forever
I can do that!!
who are you going to ask?
and pictures....
appropriate pictures showing the impact of the blog.
yes that's a good idea
write something for me now
whatever comes to mind
ok. but not on the im!
yes, on IM!
it should be spontaneous!
my blog is very now
BFFL is my hero! It is the heartbeat, pulse, soul, if you will, of the moment. It puts the "now" in the now generation. Thank you BFFL. We love you!
perfect, you're the best

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