Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ding ding dong

Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping?
Brother John, brother John?
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, ding, dong. Ding, ding, dong.


  1. While this picture is absolutely hilarious,
    I think the words are "ding, dang, dong."
    but I don't really care,
    because a picture says 1,000 words.
    And the song Frere Jacques is only 24 words.
    Since 1000 > 24,
    picture > Frere Jacques

  2. I agree with the reviewer who liked your sleeping students series. You ARE an artistic genius! And it looks like the person who made the above comment will give you a run for the money, too! I'm not biased. ~MLK