Saturday, June 20, 2009


This is a mink. Some people like to kill minks so they can make them into coats to keep them warm and fancy during the winter.

This mink and its possy live in our basement. We want them out of our basement because they make our house smell like fish. But minks are sneaky bastards so we have not been able to catch them.

Today the mink was stalking me from outside when I was in the living room. So I stalked it back by taking a photo. So there, you sneaky mink!


  1. Who won the staring contest? ;)

  2. Dear Jordan,
    You are currently having teeth removed from your mouth.
    Before I forget I wanted to tell you two things...
    1, last night when the Salutatorian introduced the Valedictorian (Andrew Bunyea), he called him a "stunning pianist."
    Of course, the kid purposely slurred the word to make it sound like penis, and the entire audience that was currently asleep suddenly woke up.
    2, while watching Adult Swim last night, a commercial came on for a hilarious Lolcats inspired online game. Basically, a bunch of cats run around with machine guns yelling "I can has?" and "Oh noes!"
    It's called Meowcenaries.
    Here's the link: