Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Act XIII: Livin la vida pena
By Partners in Rhyme

The end of night
The beginning of the end
Of love, of hate
Of you and me
I awaken.
Sun shines
Eyes open
Heart breaks.
I can smell him
He smells of pine
An odor that reeks of loneliness
Reeks of hurt
Reeks of sorrow
Reeks of--
That son of a bitch
My hatred seeths
Like a wolf
Like a tundra
Ay curumba!
Has he no shame?
Revenge -- I must have it
Triumph -- I must seize it
Breakfast -- I must grab it on my way out
To nourish my body for war!
A war of the heart!
I carry cupid's deathly arrow!
Venus' painful fire!
One of those sticks with a blade at the end -- you know the one...
The spear of vengeance!
I pack my satchel and go
I find myself at JFK
Running through crowds
Until I spot you--
All full of evil
All full of spite
All full of awful!
Your sparkling blue eyes
And chiseled physique!
I don't know what Maria sees in you!
Fasten your seatbelt
We're in for some turbulence
Arthur, prepare to meet your maker.
Make her.
I see her at the Tasti D-Lite
And I am overcome with
Lust -- when I behold her face
Longing -- when I behold her bussoms
Desire -- also when I behold her bussoms
Hunger -- when I see the Tasti D-Lite
Hold me, Maria!
Ease my pain
Ease my shame
Come home and make me Easy Mac
The way you used to
No one makes it like you
(It's the cheesiest)
Our eyes lock
And the clouds open
I say: Maria. No te vayas.
Senor, she replies, adios.