Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Discussion question

It won't be too hard to imagine this scenario, because it ALWAYS happens: a group of musicians in some sort of rock band are nearing the end of a set. The lead singer steps up to the mic and prefaces the next song with some kind of cheeky nonsense like, "Hey, uh, we made up this song like 14 seconds before we got on stage. It doesn't have a chorus yet and we were stoned when we thought of the first verse. We haven't practiced it-- we don't know what it sounds like yet. So, uh, yeah, let's just see how this goes."

The question for discussion is this: WHY would a band perform a song that they haven't had time to perfect? And why do they think it's cool to tell people that they're about to hear a number that's half-baked?

I'm done. Talk to you in the comments?


  1. They're lying. They're afraid (or know that) their song is horrible, so they preface it with that excuse as a sort of ... preventive measure, or something. That way there can only be two outcomes:

    1. The audience likes the song and is impressed that it was allegedly written in 14 seconds.

    2. The audience doesn't like the song, but doesn't think it's so bad given the fact that it took 14 seconds to write.

    It's a win-win scenario.

  2. That's....entirely correct. Discussion over, I guess.

  3. I know many things, with notable exceptions: how to cook, how to add/subtract, and what is going on with David Boreanaz. I mean really.

  4. Totally agree on how ridiculously offensive this is....Definitely on the pet peeve list....MLK