Friday, June 5, 2009

If I've learned anything about life, it's that it's not always about the FTWs.

I have admitted failure on this blog once before, and now I'll do it again. Yesterday I went to my sister's pool to ensure that I could swim the 550 continuous yards that is a prerequisite of my lifeguard course.

And well, my dear readers, I could not swim 550 continuous yards. I could not even swim 100 continuous yards.

I left the pool with crushed dreams, a deflated ego, and shin splints (which I'm told one does not normally get from swimming WTF?!)

This was a humbling experience. But the humbling did not end there, as, walking back to my sister's apartment, my mother proceeded to tell me I was "more of an intellectual than an athlete", and then guffaw at the prospects of me drowning in the process of trying to save someone in the water.

I don't know what this means for my whistle but it doesn't look good, folks. Not good at all.


  1. I foresee a whistle in your future. Just think of what the whistle represents and reach for it. ;)

  2. I was guffawing at the notion of you starting out to rescue someone, deciding it was too far out, apologizing, and turning back. Get your facts straight, bub...I do love you! And, by the way, as previously stated: "intellectual" is NOT a dirty word. ~ C'est moi, ton mere.