Monday, March 16, 2009

Things that I like, as a white person

These are the things from the list of "stuff that white people like" that I like.

Farmer's markets, organic food, diversity, Barack Obama, making you feel bad about not going outside, Wes Anderson movies, non-profit organizations, gifted children, traveling, wine, David Sedaris, Manhattan, not having a TV, Vegan/ Vegetarianism, Architecture, The Daily Show/ Colbert Report, breakfast places, Arrested Development, Netflix, Apple products, indie music, plays, public radio, The Sunday New York Times, arts degrees, whole foods and grocery co-ops, vintage, irony, living by the water, apologies, Juno, Japan, Toyota Prius, bicycles, recycling, standing still at concerts, Michel Gondry, study abroad, bottles of water, musical comedy, multilingual children, modern furniture, the idea of soccer, graduate school, hating corporations, bad memories of high school, t-shirts, outdoor performance clothes, having gay friends, dinner parties, book deals, music piracy, free healthcare, scarves, the Ivy League, grammar, bumper stickers, children's games as adults, sweaters, girls with bangs, unpaid internships, facebook, appearing to enjoy classical music, the Onion, pea coats, hummus, Halloween, America, promising to learn a new language, taking a year off, moleskine notebooks

I like at least 9/10 of the things on the full list! Oh no! I guess I'm very very white. But I can't help it and I'm not going to deny it. In fact I've done the very opposite of denying it by showing you today.

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