Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lacrosse is weird. Have you ever been to a lacrosse game? It's weird. What happens is you pick up the ball and start running with it. Then people smack you on your head, shoulders, legs, and chest until you drop it. Then you do the same to them. That's it. I think that's why it's not a real world sport, because it's dumb and doesn't make sense to adults.

Took this photo for the newspaper today. It was my first lacrosse game ever. Now I know I never need to see another one!


  1. Yeah, I didn't even understand lacrosse when I played it. Fun fact: girls' lacrosse sticks are stupider than boys'. Look it up.

  2. This is what I tell my Matthew.

    He always asks why I don't go to his Lacrosse games and I always say,

    "Because I don't understand anything that is going on"