Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why is system of a down so scary?

Ever since fifth grade I have had a strange but undeniable fear of the band, System of Down.

Lately I have thought about why I feel this way and I have come up with the following reasons:

1. Beard braid. That's just about the nastiest thing in the world and at least one of the guys has one. Just look at it?

You're grossed out, right?

2. The guy with the tattoos is just fucking crazy. In the music video for Chop Suey he makes crazy eyes at the camera the whole time and it looks like he wants to eat me or something.

3. Vague ethnicity. You look at these guys and you really can't tell where they're from, but you know it's some place foreign and scary, like perhaps they're gypsies or wizards or something. But like bad gypsies and wizards.

4. Screaming then whispering in a song. Oh my god this is just Chop Suey in a nutshell. The most startling juxtaposition in music. WAKE UP (wake up)


So that's all I started this post at like 11 and now it's 3, good night!


  1. Haha System of a Down. Everyone's gateway into hardcore death metal.

    I think they are eastern european or gypsies might work.

  2. well, the lead singer, (the guy with the goatee) has armenian roots. the Lead guitarist (guy with crazy eyes) is armenian, and the other two are pakistani ... i think

    they're scary only to people who aren't completely frustrated with life and don't want to kill themselves...(like you for instance), kudos

  3. i completely agree with you
    the guitarist is the scariest thing i have ever seen D: