Monday, January 5, 2009

The past few days I've been doing this experiment in which I see what it's like to be 80 years old.

I started by throwing out my back. I googled the meaning of throwing out one's back just now, and apparently it is not a medical term and doesn't really mean anything. However, I stand by my statement that that is what happened to me.

So as a result I've been hobbling around a bit and complaining, and not going out, and telling kids to get off my lawn (well not that last one), but still.

It's actually kind of horrifying to think that this is what I will seriously deal with in the decades to come. And it will hurt a lot worse and be a lot more inconvenient as a working person.

Not to be dramatic or anything but this little thing has made me appreciate my youthful vigor and health a bit more. I doubt that appreciation will last more than a day after I'm healed, but until then I am happy about this rare occasion to realize how good I've got it.

Enough about that. Now here's a long lost photo from my Christmas shoot in Florida that didn't turn out as I had hoped:

One of my goals for this blog for the new year is to post a photo every day (and some writing too). So I hope that works out.

P.S. Look what I found today! Andrew Bird pre-release stuff, check it out if you're indie and interested:

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