Friday, January 30, 2009

The Hallie and Jordan Masterworks

Chapter I: The sad beginning. The beginning of the end.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity. Creati—
Stop. Go back. Rewind. Re-do.
Fifth grade birthday. Make a wish. Blow out the candles.
Blow out the—
Let the ember smolder and throw it to the ground
Fire, the antithesis of a memory
Water, ephemerality of a goldfish
Nothing is everything and I struggle to remember, struggle to re—
Laughing sideways, laughing backwards, ass backwards
Put your ass in the air.
I’ve been dreaming around the sidewalk
And=2 0I can’t seem to find the—
Someday we’ll rebuild this world
Take all the pieces and build a beautiful jigsaw of a summer day
The fire hydrants are blowing off their tops
Blowing off their—
Juxtapose this.
My hand.
Your hand.
My lips.
Your lips.
We’re trapped in your hot car and we’re—
When I think about it the rainboot of your life is the rainboot of your—
Where did I put my—
I like it when you---
Where did all the seconds go?
I woke up to a bright light and before I knew it you were on the
Touching my
Stroking the---
A crow eats its young and crows into a crowy night
It smells like crows
It tastes like yesterday—
My tears tastes like the Atlantic
Or was it the Pacific?
Either way they’re salty
Would you like fries with that sir?
Fast food, fast friends, fast life, fast—
Slow. Slow it down. Take it all in and exhale.
Eighty eight miles an hour and we’re flying forward
Toward a great big galaxy
And all the colors are swirling there
All the kids are partying there
All the kids are kissing there
Grind up on their---
Turn the page.
Mother making eggs in the kitchen
Mother making babies in the bedroom
Father making personality disorders
I can’t go back
I can’t go—
Woah what a trip
Unstick the velcrow of that winter
When our love froze over
Place it before the wood stove and let it thaw
Let it breathe
Let it—
I guess what I9 9m trying to say is I miss you
I miss everyone and everything
I’ve said too much
I’ve said too—


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  1. I'm assuming this was done sarcastically.
    But I can't be sure.
    Either way,