Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He's still got it

Remember when John used to listen to songs and then describe the scene that plays in his head while he listens? Well, we just did that. Here it is.

"The Light" by Album Leaf- There's a lady on a boat looking out at the San Fransisco Bay. She is running her hands on the rail of the boat while contemplating. Flashback! It's Christmas time in the city of San Fransisco. You're looking over a bedroom streamed with clothes and there's shattered glass. She's sitting in the corner crying. Back to the boat! She kind of takes her hand and rubs it through her hair. She looks very distraught. She sees somethign off in the distance in the bay. The mist is clearing as the boat heads into the bay. She looks behind her and there's her daughter holding onto a little teddy bear. And she beckons to her daughter to come toward her and picks her up and holds her in her arms. She whispers, "We;ll be okay, Sam, we'll be okay."

"Redford" by Sufjan Stevens- A car is driving through the plains. It's a pickup truck. There's one person in the front seat, two sitting in the back in raggedy clothes. The car speeds through the plains. You see smoke up ahead, gray ashes drifting through the air. As the car keeps on heading in you see people walking away from the smoke carrying all their luggage and belongings. They look at each other with desperate eyes. The car keeps on speeding through. It's the city where everything is lying around in ashes. Houses are broken down with debris all over. The car slides in front of a building that is torn in half. Two men quickly rush in, running up the stairs pushing away trash until they discover.....

"Black Hawk War" by Sufjan Stevens-- A boy wakes up and runs down the stairs extremely hungry but following the scent of bacon from the saucepan. He doesn't know where he is or how he ended up there. But he keeps following the smell. He runs and runs and runs, running through legs of people jumping over crevices, sniffing. Wait...this is a weird song.

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  1. I don't even know where to begin with this one....mlk