Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seize the day boys

I've had some weird memento mori moments recently and both of them were dumb.

The first occurred in a pet store, obviously. Ashley and I were passing one of these hideous monsters in a tank with some other fish

when all of a sudden it just fucking inhaled this little baby fish! And when he spit it out, the tiny fish had no more head! I was like "Holy shit Ashley, did you see that?! I can't believe we just saw that!" And she was like, "Jordan stop staring at it, God." Then she went to look at the birds. All the while this half a fish was just like floating at the top of the tank and getting blown around by the filter. I was memorized.

The second momento mori moment happened this morning when I was walking to class. I was walking toward Broadway when I heard a very loud thud. When I looked at the intersection, there was a guy flying through the air! It was a biker, and he was in the process of being hit by a fucking TAXI! It literally looked like this except with a taxi instead of a regular car obv:

Instead of dying, the guy just got up off the ground, gave a thumbs up to the cabby and walked away! Meanwhile I was just standing there like "*GASP*" Literally, I think I said something like "JESUS!" I couldn't even help myself. I told people about it when I got to class and they were like, "Fuck, man, wow..." and I was like, "I know!"

Count your blessings everyone. I've counted twice recently. Life is so fragile. You just never know.


  1. memorized? hmm...perhaps you mean mesmerized...I would say you were "all shook up!" ~ your editor

  2. WOW, busy day and you even turned to Jesus...! ;)