Thursday, October 28, 2010

Incoherent Class Comment Mad Lib

Yeah, I was just gonna say that, like, just going off of what (INTELLIGENT CLASSMATE'S NAME) said, when (MISPRONUNCIATION OF AUTHOR'S NAME) was talking about (IDEA YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND) it reminded me of this book we're reading for my (UNRELATED SUBJECT) class, about the notion of (BUZZWORD). And I just thought it was interesting that, how, it just talks about (LONG AND INCOHERENT EXPLANATION OF ANECDOTE). And so it just relates to that whole idea of like (POOR REPRESENTATION OF THE ACTUAL IDEA BEING DISCUSSED) and (BUZZWORD) and what you said earlier. That's actually kind of what my concentration is about, kind of that intersection of (RANDOM BULLSHIT) and (RANDOM BULLSHIT). And so yeah, so...(RANDOM MUMBLING)....(BUZZWORD)....(MISPRONUNCIATION OF AUTHOR'S NAME)... like just that whole idea.


  1. an old fashioned intellectual circle jerk

  2. This is so you and it is genius. you should publish/patent it! ~mlk