Monday, March 15, 2010

I have a lot of feelings

NOTE: I think it's obvious that this should not be taken seriously, but just in case, so you know, you should not take this seriously. It is a farce.

The Comedy
By Jordan

Detritus proliferation
wrapped up in a garbage heap
plagued by the mementos of a
civilized oblivion
a person is a survivor of this
who has forgotten his trauma,
a vain blue note at the
end of a symphony that
no one will ever hear
and only lonely comrades will mourn
the devastating causality
of birth, death and the
tragedy in between,
meaninglessness trapped in a
suicide hurricane eye madly repeating
a vaudeville act of a single
desperate comic, his skin the
color of death, his soul acid
a desperate fraud, grinning through
the gruesome anguish of a lie
played on repeat for eternity
in a universe devoid of all heat
the crowd, a laughing poltergeist
knocking dishes to a dirty floor,
a vortex of lame, disparaging pantomime
sucking the last crumbs of felicity
out of a gourmet disaster
served to a starving man with no mouth
his moans are a stifled cry for a miracle
but prayers are for those with too much
imagination and prospects slim.


  1. Sorry. I thought this was legitimately good. You know who I am!