Friday, August 14, 2009

Hong Kong Debut

Filmed and edited by: Jordan and Caleb
Music: "Major Label Debut (Fast)" by Broken Social Scene


  1. Hah..this is adorable!

    Also..Ben and I got you an authentic sycamore park lifeguard was supposed to be your birthday present. Bug him to give it to you..or mail it..or something.

    And have an awesome time at NYU!

  2. Ack, the word I was intending to use has been taken!

    Nonetheless, I will add that, much like Frosted Flakes, this is grrrrrrrrrreat! Obviously, you made good use of your summer vacation!

    Oh, so I got my license. And a pretty new MacBook. And I'm doing lots o' stuff. What about you? Email me perhaps?