Sunday, August 2, 2009

Act XVIII: Applebottom jeans. Boots with the shame.

By Jordan, in honor of Hallie

I feel!
I've got so much feeling
I could just--
Maybe if I--
Suppose we could--
It's no use.
I am fated
To a world
Of devastation!
In which I live
Like a castaway
On an island
Doomed to sit
And decay
Doomed to fear
And dismay!
I fear the world
I fear myself
I fear--
The days drag
Like some long
Dragging thing
I find myself alone
With only pain
As my company--
So much to do
And so little time--
Wait a minute
Strike that
Reverse it--
Reverse everything!
Take me back
To the days
Of laughter and youth
We were free and uncouth
We were--
I look in the mirror--
I smash it!
I look at my wrist--
I slash it!
I look to the skies--
I see a little cloud that looks like a rabbit!
It makes me sick!
It makes me feel...
I know this feeling
Yes, I know now--
I know it well--
This is loneliness!
A bicycle built for one
The sound of a sole hand clapping
The taste of my bitter tears!
Tastes like chicken!
Now questions, questions, questions
Rattle in my brain!
Drive me insane!
Baby you can drive my car--
Of anguish
Of misery
Of grief!
Is there no relief?
Why have you gone?
What are you doing?
If chickens had lips would they whistle?
I find myself with no answers
No joy
No happiness
No hope--
Only the dream
Of the day
When you come home!
I send this letter
My last resort--
From my heart to yours
Dear Maria,
Please, return--

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  1. Super-amusing. Super-super.

    If you've never read Maira Kalman's "Max" series, you definitely should. You will appreciate it.

    P.S. I am enjoying the fact that my word verification is "hunksed".