Thursday, December 2, 2010

Starving Artist

Why doesn't anyone get me! I am so misunderstood.

Today in playwriting class the prof asked everyone to write down the "problem" in the play we've written, "how the problem gets worse," and then some other stuff. Then we had to go around the room and share.

After I said my piece the prof and I had this exchange in which my genius was totally misunderstood.

Prof: Wait, um, can you go back to the problem again?
Me: "Lenore is emo because she hates the suburbs"
Prof: Uh..what is that...emo?
Me: Yeah.
Prof: Oh. And then it gets worse because...?
Me: "Because she is attacked by a coyote."
Prof: Uh huh...gooood. Next?

And then I tried to explain to her how the dad is searching for the dustpan because the broken glass is a symbol for the shattered pieces of the American family. But clearly it just wasn't working out. Maybe I'll be understood a hundred years from now.


  1. I get you... But people don't get me either, so I don't know if that helps you. ;)

  2. Being misunderstood as a writer is a good thing! You are definitely poised for success. ~mlk