Monday, June 14, 2010

Fiscal Year

Well, you may or may not know that I am gainfully employed this summer; regardless, I am gainfully employed.

Today I attended a very large, very important division-wide meeting. A very important slide show was presented, and some very important people in the company spoke. It was all very important.

Unfortunately, I did not know what was going on because of some cultural and/or language barriers.

For instance, what is "multi-channel distribution"? And what is a "strategic initiative"? Or how about a "workflow application"?

I was so distressed! Was I supposed to understand "proprietary accounts"? And "revenue drivers"? And "online database reference providers"? Would I ever understand?

Ultimately, I decided I would probably never feel comfortable with those terms. Nor would I ever be happy at a meeting like that one. Not a problem. I prefer words like "squeegee" and "quandary" and "ragamuffin" better anyway. A life under fluorescent lights is not for me. I'm just too silly!

Anyway all, I hope your love reaches your target audiences and that, going forward, your team-oriented approach to inter-connectivity yields organic growth. Also I hope that you are happy and good to everyone.


  1. Still committed to being a nutcase. That's my boy! ~mlk

  2. Do you see why I NEVER wanted you to grow up... Just think we could have been living it up doing art & crafts, eating candy! :( HAHAHA XO

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