Monday, May 17, 2010


I was going through some old photos yesterday and discovered this gem, a staging of the Mahopac Indian "scalping" his rival, from Spirit Day 2007. I think this more than any other photo I've seen sums up what Mahopac High School is all about and why I am so glad to have graduated.


  1. I don't know what to say... WOW.

  2. This right here is not right. First off WHITE trappers were paid 40 pounds for every male Indian scalp and 20 pounds for every Native American woman and boy under 12 years old. White people are the ones who first invented scalping but "Hollywood" and media has depicted it so that only Native americans did and that they were savage beasts with no hearts. Im not blaming all whites for being racist because most people don't see the wrongness of stereotypical people because our government has allowed such wrongness to exist. The term "redskin" does not refer to native americans by skin color, it really is the term that the trappers would use when they brought animal skins and native american scalps to stores to sell.

    1. your really getting offended by this?? It's a little part of the pep rally that gets the crowd going. Im almost 100% sure there was no deliberate racism going on here just a little school spirit