Monday, October 5, 2009

Poems by Me, Jordan

Sylvia-- sometimes
I think: what would
I do if you weren't
Then I stop
thinking about it.

When you left I said,
"Crying is for babies."
So I acted
Like a man.

Sylvia-- your
Hair curls
Like some
Nice, curly,
Twisty thing.

Write me a poem,
she said, then
I'll break your heart.
Or no deal?

Love is serious
business. All
transactions final.

"I'll never
love another,"
he said,
lying to himself.

He leaned in
For a kiss
She leaned in
For the salt shaker.

"You are so
sweet and loveable,"
she said.
"You remind me
of my dog."

You are as
beautiful as
a flower
and as

I want to
know you biblically
Let's read
the Bible

My heart
is in
your hands.
isn't it?

Love is a puzzle--
What's a twelve letter word for
Unbearable pain?


  1. jordan, these are fantastic. they remind me of that short "ha" of suprised laughter--dry and unexpected (which is cool, because thats also the reaction they evoke).

    have you ever, though, considered what would happen if you tried to sustain one of these ideas? theyre so powerful this way, but i'm curious to see what you could come up with...

  2. Hey, thanks so much!

    I would probably write longer stuff if I could... I haven't REALLY tried though. Maybe I will. I appreciate your support.

    Do I know you in the real world, by the way?

  3. Um, no, I'm a friend of Bronwen's, found you through her blog...not to be sketch or anything (:

  4. Wretchedness! 12 letters! YES!

  5. C. Lucey- No it's totally not sketch! A friend of Bronwen's is a friend of mine. I hope you'll keep reading!

  6. Dear Jen Brent,

    Hey, thanks! And I hope you'll keep reading!