Monday, May 18, 2009


ACT XI: Woah, we're half way there. Woah, living on a lie.
By Partners in Rhyme

The day ends in a brilliant blaze of color
My heart ends in a brilliant burst of flame
Maria! In the twilight of my life, you were my sun.
In the evening of my life you were my big dipper.
In the morning of my life you were my Honey Bunches of Oats
My honey bunches of pain
My honey bunches of shame
Despair- part of this balanced breakfast
Don't forget the orange juice- you never did.
Just as I'll never forget the brunch when you said you were leaving.
My eggs grew salty with my tears
And I could have cooked an omelet with the burning of my heart
You said: "Yo estoy un perrito guayoo."
I said: "Como? No hablo espanol."
And you just shook your head sadly and uttered "Porque."
Check please.
Maria, por favor! Pourque? Poor us.
Poor me. My heart is a salt shaker and you've got diabetes.
My loins are pet dander and you've got a pet dander allergy.
Later, we stand in the parking lot as the sun sets. Senor Snuggles barks at the night.
My heart flutters, knowing that our last adios is upon us.


  1. This is so beautiful and sad. Each word is so good and sweetly unexpected. Yo me gusta.

  2. I can't tell how much you're kidding! LOL

  3. I am kidding nada! Or something.

  4. hahahhahahaa



    And I love that photograph of you.

  6. honey bunches of pain.

    that gives me honey bunches of lulz.